Missa Bauwaaaaahh is back. If you're cool, you'll come to the big viewing party at BFHQ Sunday night. It wouldn't surprise me if Jack Bauer saving little kids in Africa gets boring, but we're all willing to give 24 a chance again. The backup plan will be watching Sir play DDR with his feets o' fury. Be there!

Hey, here's a hot cup of linx for your Friday pleasure:

-This week on insideSTL I gank an idea from Big Head's think tank (that sounds - and is - dirty) by listing out MLB's Free Agents as desserts.

-The Tigers will be wearing gold uni's for the kU game. Also, there are two - count 'em TWO - k.u.chebags posts this week.

-Two more posts from The Good Face over on Baseball Digest Daily. First one is about his mock draft (wait, isn't it November 21st?) and the other is some more bashing on the Milwaukee writer whose name doesn't matter anymore.

-Head on over to Dr. Pepper's website on Sunday and print out a billion million coupons for free soda (it's the first positive contribution Guns N Roses has ever made to society).

-A sorry goodbye to firejoemorgan.com. If we weren't so lazy, or sucky, we'd gladly fill those shoes.

-But a welcome back (from a one-week hiatus at least) to our broskies over at Cardinals Diaspora. Make sure you go to CardsDiaspora.com now, since the old domain is now owned by the commi bastards of the USSR (also check out athooks meeting Bert at a classy funkshun last week).

-I got 12 of 15 on this Saved by the Bell quiz, and I'm still a little disappointed.


Mad Librarian said...

Ten out of 15, and most of that was guessing. Obviously I did not take my SBTB viewing seriously enough.

Melissa said...

14 out of 15... I missed Zach's SAT score which pisses me off because I remember that episode!!