This Week in Old-School Wrestling Promos

It's science: People are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of dying in a bizarre gardening accident. If only we all had the ka-RAZ-ma and swagger of some of pro wrestling's greatest stick-workers (wait a second, that didn't come out right ... that's what she said). 

Hence the Flex's latest weekly feature that might not live to see its second edition: This Week in Old-School Wrestling Promos. It's all here: the verbal threats of physical abuse, the occasional moments of true bad-assness, and the unintentional hilarity. Why pay money for a Toastmasters course when you can study at the feet of the gods?

We begin our series with the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, whose combination of poetry and oratory calls to mind a speech-impaired Jesse Jackson. To be honest, you could pick just about any Duthtay promo and learn a thing or two about speechifying. I chose this one because of (a) the vintage 70s wardrobe and (b) a pre-steroids Vincent Kennedy McMahon. 

Duthtay Rhodes wants to get real funky with you ...

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