Here's an anniversary edition of LSJ, mixing some new stuff with some must-see extras (even if you don't laugh, it'll help you understand 1/5 of the dorky things we reference).

-This week's insideSTL article, in which I admit that I actually have faith in the Cardinal front office. I'll probably be looking dumb in about three months. Well, dumber than normal.

-TGF gives his baseball awards predictions. So far, so good. (My prediction: Pain)

-Big Head is in the market for a new car over at Mizzourah.

-OMG is shuttin' er down. Lucky for you, the ML is concentrating on drinking more Crown Royal and Bert Flexin'...hopefully at the same time.

-Lesbian friend of the site Lindsay Lohan calls it like she sees it. Ha ha, Rinsay Ro-han!

And a few classics, 'round these parts-a-town:

-Samuel L. Jackson Beer (Mmm mmm bitch)

-Russell Crowe Fightin' Round the World

-Oops, I hope that wasn't steroids

And breaking news on the bacon front, check out the Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo! Holy shit, this is awesome. I expect Hack to wear this for his next trial.

Link here. Go ahead and click "Add to Cart" if you like disappointments.

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The Good Face said...

April Fool's?!?!!!1/1/? What kind of sick bastard thinks that's funny? My dreams have been crushed like a Ron Villone fastball ...