Only two posts this week? Two God Damn posts? Blame Sir for making us be slackers, among all the other things he should be blamed for (terrorism, global warming, Taco Bell employees at the 270/Dorsett location being overworked, etc).

-This week's insideSTL article, is aboot pitching, eh?

-Mizzourah always has k.u.chebags on Fridays, but how about a Kansas State version (k.s.u.chebag)?

-Guess who's bizack? TGF has a new gig - check out his article about one Alllllbert Pujolz.

-Annie Fresh did a much better job live-blogging the election than us. Blame Sir for that too.

-And be sure to track Dennis Phillips' progress at the WSOP final table on Sunday.

And hey, a little side note: next week we'll be celebrating our three year anniversary (officially on November 15th, but since that's a Saturday, we're probably going to be partying that night and not click clacking on a computer). We've got a few things lined up already, so be sure to check out the festivities all week. One would assume it'll be more than two posts, but we've been sucking pretty bad for three years. Why stop now?

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