'08 Election Live Blog

1:12 - Poker game broke out. Were we doing something here?

8:56 - Sir, Hack, and the entire staff of Fox News are sinking into a depression.

8:44 - Rudy Giuliani will be joining us in a few minutes. Stand by. -hmw

8:29 - Fox News reporter Carl Cameron just said "tough road to hoe." Hah.

8:23 - I'm wearing a Bacon Salt hat. That's right. -hmw

8:19 - They're calling Ohio, so looks like game o-v-e-r. Guitar Hero time?

8:11 - I've been waiting since 2004 to bring up this awesome Photoshop work again. It ran on the front of CNN.com on Election Day for about 10 minutes, until someone there recovered a modicum of sense.

8:00 - We've got pizza, chiiips, and the election mix on the satellite. So far, looks like we haven't learned from our mistakes in calling states early in 2000, Hack is already visibly in a mild rage, and Sir has the I-wants for an election board.


Anonymous said...

the bacon salt hat brought me luck in poker. i'll be wearing that tomorrow night - oh crap, that's later tonight. smells like a half day for me.

The Good Face said...

A live blog and no mention of Jim Callis, Chris Berman, or Corby Jones? You've changed, BertFlex.