Prospect Pron: Arizona Fall League Opens Today

Loyal Flexicans know that we love ourselves some prospects. It should come as no surprise, then, that we regard the opening of the Arizona Fall League as something of a national holiday. An annual showcase for the game’s top prospects, the AFL welcomes big names like Matt Wieters, Brett Wallace (BFlex Stamp of Approval), Gordon Beckham, and Justin Smoak this season.

But you can read about those guys at any two-bit Baseball America wannabe blog. The Flex goes a little deeper to find the names you really need to know.

Doug Fister, P, Seattle: You can pretty well stop reading now. He’s the whole reason I wrote this thing.

Rowdy Hardy, P, Kansas City: I’m calling shenanigans. You know his real name is Leslie.

Andrew Laughter, P, Texas: ROTFLMFAO!

Maurice Gartrell, OF, Chicago White Sox: I call him the Gangster of Love.

Stephen Head, OF, Cleveland: The "head" chants he'll inspire will remind you of Al Snow's glory days.

Tobi Stoner, P, New York Mets: Word is he has an awesome mustache.

Mike Wlodarczyk, P, 2008 World Series Champion Tampa Bay Devil Rays: He has hopes of pitching on a team with Mark Grudzielanek, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Tom Xkndklyzkxxo#!.

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