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Late last week I was checking out the sports stores at the Mills Mall for any type of Buffalo Bills gear I could get my hands on. After checking out a few places, I realized that we're still 750 miles away from Buffalo, NY and no one cares (though there were a lot of Patriot and Giants gear for any bandwagon punk kids in the North County area).

At the end of my lap around the mall was Marshall's. I've only been inside that store once, and it was with Sir when he bought a button-up Roca Wear shirt that he could wear at his old job. I remembered them having a bunch of crap inside the store, including random football jerseys, so I felt it was worth a shot to go in there and see if they had any Bills jerseys that someone stole from a delivery truck maybe seven years ago.

To my dismay, they didn't have any except some knockoff Mizzou football and basketball jerseys and a handful of Rams ones, too. As I moaned in disgust of this wasted trip, I looked at the end of the aisle where I was standing and saw a big 4-way rack of gold Rams jerseys, the first of which was...

Jimmy Kennedy. Jackpot.

Besides him, they had gold Muthafuckin' Marshall Faulk jerseys too (and some white jerseys of both players sprinkled in), all for the low low Marshall's clearance price of...

Ten Bucks.

In all, I think they had maybe 20 jerseys per rack x 4 racks. So maybe about 80 jerseys total, the majority of which were Jimmy Kennedy gold jerseys. Great investment Marshall's.

So the big question is: How many do you guys want?

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sidney said...

thanks for the information..nice jersey! such a quite a collection huh?
some jersey look cool.huh? let me think of it!!