Mo' Linx (X-tended)

There is a little shindig at the Bertflex World Headquarters tonight, stop on by if you are cool, hot, and/or like getting boozed up. No one has puked off our deck yet, much to my dismay. You people need to step yo' game up.

Oh, and feel free to bring us food - we're always looking for food.

Here are a few more links to burn some time on your Friday:

-Some k.u.chebags trying to act black.

-Speaking of Mizzou, it will be "Tiger Tuesday" at ESPN next week. Gary Pinkel will be in Bristol for a ton of appearances on all ESPN outlets (TV, online chat, radio). Including:

9:30 a.m.: Meets with ESPN producers, has makeup applied.

-Adam Kennedy wants to be traded! NOOOOOO!!

-Boobies are always good. According to me.

Friday night update - 3 More:

-The Blues fanfest is this Sunday.

-Erik Johnson hurt his leg playing golf this week. I thought that was impossible. No, read that sentence again. Nicely done EJ.

-GREAT list about Samuel L. Jackson. If you don't enjoy this, you need to quit reading our site.

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