...And He Had A Mustache

Besides baseball, bacon, and chicks, another thing we tend to be fans of are mustaches. Sir is the only one of us who sports the 'stache, though it is part of a larger facial hair purpose.

Some of our heroes are mustachioed gentlemen: Burt Reynolds, Robert Goulet (Gou-let), every player in RBI Baseball, Ron Burgundy, and most importantly: Pete Weber Al Hrabosky ...okay I'm not sure how to end that sentence.

But if we ever grow some balls, we'd all rock the mustache.

That's why the 'Stache Bash caught my attention when I read about it yesterday. It is so important that I deemed it necessary to have its own post.

The 'Stache Bash is run by the American Mustache Institute, based out of St. Louis (brag to your out-of-town friends about that...go ahead, brag). From AMI's website:

What is 'Stache Bash? - It is certainly the most ridiculous, as well as global, celebration of mustaches in the world, benefiting Challenger Baseball, a baseball league for children and adults with disabilities. Is it some serious facial hair contest for shut-ins? No. It's a big, goofy party for a great cause, as this video might demonstrate.

In the past, we've talked big about attending silly events and did not come through on our word. So we'd like to pin the responsibility on you: if you'd like to be the Bertflex correspondent at 'Stache Bash (and feel like spending $20 of your own money), please email us: haymang@yahoo.com.

It sounds like it will be a fun event (Oct 25th at Lumiere), and they will be giving out the first ever "Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year" award. Voting will take place in October and we'll definitely be all over that.

For further reading, check out this chat from espn.com with AMI's Aaron Perlut. Top notch (and there's even a Jason LaRue question in there).

Stay tuned for more updates, as I have added the long-overdue "mustaches" tag below.


Aaron said...

What St. Louisans should be nominated for Goulet? Jason LaRue? Dan Dierdorf? To get past the initial nomination period, they'd have had to do something solid the past year. Dierdorf has stood up for benefits for NFL vets. That makes him a solid candidate. Go nominate: http://www.americanmustacheinstitute.org/MustacheAmericanOfYear.aspx

Aaron Perlut
American Mustache Institute

Mad Librarian said...

You know, I'm torn here. I've planned a camping trip for that weekend, and the lure of s'mores and tromping about on shit is strong. But a room full of dudes with 'stashes? Mommy likes.

Anonymous said...

too bad this award wasn't around in the 80s and 90s. john pertzborn would be in the AMI hall of fame by now.

speaking of reporters, carl monday?