What's On My TV?

In case you couldn't tell by the Brett Favre coverage, the football season has started. Normal people don't care about football until early September, but ESPN will continue to beat into your head that this National Football League season is the most important season of all-time.

Well, until 365 days from now, when next season will be the most important National Football League season of all-time, but don't mention that right now, since the world could end at any minute, and we'd be left without football.

Sure the fantasy drafts are fun, but my favorite part about the football season will always be seeing referee Ed Hochuli. It looks like his offseason training has gone well, and a fresh shipment of X-Small uniforms have arrived. For the next four months, he invites you to the featured event at The Gun Show:

My apologies to the women out there if that photo impregnated you on the spot. Luckily that isn't a full-on flex, or else you'd probably be having triplets.

Speaking of guns, here's something I had from a couple days ago:

Since when did Chyna become an analyst for the X-Games?

If you don't know what Dana Jacobson is famous for, learn it now.

(P.S. Despite "what's on my tv?", I still hate espn - seriously)


Anonymous said...

Ed 'Guns' Hochuli. You don't fuck with him.

Anonymous said...

that's the first ever headset/breathalyzer that dana jacobson is wearing.

fuck headsets.

fuck breathalyzers.