Bullpen Being Bullpen

For those who expected a supercool recap of the Cardinal game last night: No.

Not happenin'.

The Cardinals won. Pujols and Ludwick hit homers for my MASH league fantasy team. Carpenter pitched well. Manny didn't do anything Manny, but Chan Ho was being Chan Ho. That's all we ought to talk about.

Okay I'll just say this one thing: from now on, whenever the bullpen comes into a game, tell me to quit watching. This is pure torture. It's bad enough on TV, but to actually be there and know that a meltdown is going to happen...and see it live? Yucky.

Also, something that just came across my newsdesk: Flip Lopez (known to some as Felipe Lopez) signed with the Cardinals late last night, after the Nationals hit the "dump" button on him. I like that. Especially if he ends up with 15 holds and no blown saves. Oh wait, he plays 2B/SS. Silly me.

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Flip mode squad