Troy Glaus: Just Clutch? Or Pepsi Clutch?

I don't think any of us expected the Glaus for Rolen trade to work out this well. I would have taken a 20% off coupon to Old Country Buffet to clear off the $36 million owed to Rolen, but to get a useful (and healthy, knock on wood) Troy Glaus in return? Nicely done John Mozzalak.

And according to mlb.com, Glaus is one of the top six Clutch Performers in the month of July. Feel free to vote for him now - he's up against a bunch of scrubs (Miguel Cabrera, CC Sabathia? Who are these guys?). The Mad Librarian has disliked Glaus since day one, but even she concedes that he's had a good month of baseball. However, he's had a bad year of buttoned-up jerseys and conserving endangered tobacco. Nobody's perfect.

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