Trade Deadline Deal

While the Cardinals were unable to make any moves before the trade deadline, the City of St. Louis was. An agreement has been reached to send Tony Pellegrino back to St. Louis, while Chicago gets nothing in return. Peter Gammons, among others, has gone on record saying that Chicago has gotten the better end of this deal. Pellegrino will return to the St. Louis area on August 17, after he fulfills his duties in Chicago.

When asked about his impending return to St. Louis, Pellegrino likened it to other St. Louis ballplayers who have left and come back. "It's an honor to follow in the footsteps of names such as Ken Hill, Adam Kennedy, and Ray Lankford. To be able to return to where I got my start is really special to me," said Pellegrino. When reminded that all three of those guys he named really sucked when they came back to St. Louis, he said that he hopes to continue that part of the tradition as well.

Former teammate Jah Slowness told BertFlex staff that it was good to have the all-time leader in burps and farts back on the hometown squad again. "Now that we've re-acquired a legitimate Most Offensive Person candidate, I think we're looking real good for this season. I mean, this move plus that crime study that always says we're worse than Detroit and DC? Come on, the STL is where it's at!"

Hazelwood's Most Wanted, however, wasn't as positive about the deal:

John Mozelak: There's Tony Pellegrino.
HMW: He was an All-Star at UMSL, wasn't he?
JM: Yeah, he wound up in the Mexican League, had problems with his fat.
HMW: Wish we had him two years ago.
JM: We did.
HMW: Four years ago, then.

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