...And You Ain't Got Shit To Do

Here is a mini version of Linx, Stuff, & Junk to keep you busy at work on a Friday.

-Over on Seeing Eye K, I share my thoughts about the River City Rascals banning maple bats for the 2009 season. Well what fun is baseball if we can't hope that somebody gets a bat barrel lodged in their forehead?

-On Mizzourah, there is another Hot Chicks with k.u.chebags post up. Also be sure to click back to their main page and check out the Mizzou player who is evidently a Crip. The real kind - the ones Snoop Dogg raps about (I am utterly shocked that Big Head & Co. decided to stay kind of serious and not even mention Timmy and Jimmy...let alone tell you to watch this video. Maybe I'm just a jerk. Maybe I am...)

Okay, that was pretty much a self-promoting whore version of Linx, Stuff, and Junk, but you wasted a little time, didn't you? Now hurry up, get your work done, and get the F out of there. Have a good weekend - we'll be in Quad Cities and Peoria watching some Minor League baseball action. If you hear anything about another ultimate fight breaking out in Peoria, you can bet that Sir, the Librarian, and I will be involved.

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