Reporting Live from Bertflex Headquarters: Day 1

So here I am kids - hanging out in the new corporate office. It's really nice, and should be a little more comfortable when we get some furniture here (right now I'm laying on the living room carpet with my laptop - good times). While Sir is back in Chi-town over the weekend, I'm holding it down on day 1. Well, actually we're treating this like the World Series of Poker. Thursday would have been day 1, but with the rain, we didn't get much done. So that was like day 1a. Today is day 1b. Sir will be here tomorrow for day 1c. We'll bump the blinds and antes up and begin day 2 on Monday. Huh? I'm confusing myself already.

I'll keep you posted on any breaking news throughout the day. And a quick shout-out to the one guy/girl here who kept an unsecured network, allowing me to post this. Thanks mang.

Update 7:15 pm: Maltliquorman and Melissa are heading over in a little while for a BYO-chair party. Also, here's your first photo of the new place. What did you expect me to be doing? Hanging artwork?

Update 9:13: playing Wii. Wii is awesome. Having a big ass place without Sir is awesome too. Between you and me, I might change the locks on him by the time he gets back.


Big Head said...

The Mizzourah HQ are being packed up as we speak. No free connection since I live in the hood. Probably have a free coke hookup, but no freebie internet hook. Dammit.

Jessica said...

How timely: http://xkcd.com/466/