Pack Your Things Kid (Linx/Stuff/Junk)

It's been kind of a busy week during my last few days at the BertFlex Hazelwood Office, as Sir and I prepare to load up all of our important documents, video game systems, and Starting Lineups and move them over to the new place. Hopefully the move to Maryland Heights won't cause my name to change to MHMW, as I'll still maintain my North Side roots, just from a less gangsta location.

While Sir's main duty (pun intended) is to supply furniture - so the place looks like adults live there - my job is electronics. A big screen tv + surround sound + laptop + wireless router = a good start. Towels? Soap? Uh, you might have to bring your own. Or don't make a fuckin' mess. Dummy.

Also a quick "welcome back" to Sir, after a year long journey away from Pujols City, MO. Maybe being under one roof, I can motivate his ass to write more.

On to this week's links:

-In a heroic attempt, I churned out this horrible insideSTL column. I researched one thing: that Braden Looper was starting Tuesday night's game. The rest was just typical freestyle, straight-out-tha-hood blogging that put me on the map.

-While I was talking about fantasy football there, TGF drops some fantasy baseball K-nollege on you over at the Sporting News. It's not too late to make that late-season push, unless you're looking up and seeing me at the top of your standings.

-Mizzourah is busier by the day; the fans are gearing up for the opener vs. the ILL-side, Big Head is doing podcasts left and right, and some idiot is still making fun of kansas douchebags. Waste some time over there.

-Old Honors first floor alum Lottie is still over in China, supposedly working. Or being caught on the Today Show...one of the two. That's pretty cool - she's the one in the Cardinal shirt right behind Michael Phelps' big ass head in this video, and behind Dara Torres in the video below (good shot of her peeking around Torres' head right after the 50 second mark). Try to ignore the two assfaces with the Oklahoma and Tennessee banners in the background. Lottie's blog is rapidly becoming more interesting than our site, so maybe she'll be bumped to a higher Linx/Stuff/Junk ranking next week.

-One last thing, some pics from the Unions and Perfectos game have been added to the photobucket account. You can see Hack and TGF sharing a laugh, an Erik Hashrake 35 second interview (that luckily cut him off mid-sentence), and more importantly, a glimpse at the big balla lifestlye that Hack lives. Two fingers - peace.

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