Maull's Secret Sauce?

Many of my proteges and interns often ask, "HM-Dubz, how do you know what's Bertflex material, and what's not?" I often reply: "Go get me some Wendy's."

But to answer their question on this public forum, you just know that something should be posted to Bertflex. Whether it's a simple observation, or an analytical article about Tony LaRussa's crazy managin' ideas, sometimes you just know.

I ran into the Schnucks on Ladue earlier today, and found the most expensive, delicious thing ever. Ever.

Gold Barbecue Sauce. At least that's what the sign said:

I doubt that I can afford gold bbq sauce, but I'd whore myself out to do commercials for them, all night son.

"Delicious Gold Barbecue Sauce goes down smooth. Mmm; in stores now."

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