The Maine Event

As much as I enjoy the hard-hitting bacon analysis and sexual harassment that are part of the Flex lifestyle, sometimes a girl needs a break. So I took last week off to lie about a lake house in Maine with my college roommate and an assortment of fun-and-bloody-Mary-loving New Englanders.

Like the lazy bastard I am, I spent the bulk of the week asleep, including an unfortunate nap on a pontoon boat that resulted in a gross sunburn. When I bothered to wake up, I ate excessive amounts of tortilla chips, read a trashy novel, bitched at the Jeter-loving kids playing the Little League World Series, and shopped at the L.L. Bean store (yes, I'm old, but my new fleece is ravishing). And now I'm back, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to kick Hack's ass in poker again.

Here are some highlights from my week away.

New England's gangster dairy:

Racism in Freeport:

Bacon and ground beef brick-oven pizza in Portsmouth, N.H.:

Fuck graham crackers; I make s'mores with chocolate chip cookies:

And this makes me uncomfortable:


Anonymous said...

t-pain and lil jon only drink Hood Milk. Yeeaaahhhhh!

also - that pizza and s'more look good. but maybe i'm just fat.

The Good Face said...

Am I the only one who thinks "pontoon" sounds like a dirty word?

Anonymous said...

Subway calling their sandwiches "Yum Rockets" is a little disturbing, but throwing a name in as well is cranking the 'molest-o-meter' up a few notches.