80's Night at FSN

I promised myself I'd quit taking pics of the Cardinals post-game show; really - I truly did not want to waste another post about Pat Parris' orange glow or make fun of Jack Clark for putting on 4 or 5 pounds (per minute) after retirement.

After Sunday's loss to the Reds, FSN Midwest ran their usual post-game show. And without warning, we were treated to this:

For whatever reason, it was Eighties Night...at 3:15 in the afternoon.

Going into the first commercial break, Pat Parris showed off his crooning abilities by singing a remix (?) of "Ladies Night":

"Oh this is Eighties Night, and the feeling's right - Come on Ricky! - Oh this is Eighties Night, oh what a night!"

He seriously sang that. On the air. Today. For real.

Ricky said that he was wearing his actual rookie jersey, so that's why it was so tight (and displaying his anit-Hochuli gun show). I'm not sure if that was true or if he was kidding. Nonetheless, wearing that was uncalled for.

As for Jack Clark, the astute baseball fans out there would point out that Clark actually never wore the powder blue jersey, as he only played from '85 thru '87, after the prestigious powder blue era in Cardinal history. Smartly enough, they mentioned that during the show.

And smartly enough, I changed the channel.

One other tidbit from Sunday's game: Tony LaRussa never lets a pesky "God Bless America" get in the way of arguing with the home plate ump.

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The Good Face said...

HMW -- Never stop taking cell phone pics. I was watching this LIVE! as it happened on my tv screen, and my over-riding thought was, "Boy, I hope HMW is getting some shots of this."