Is My Joey Belle Rookie Still Worth Anything? Guys?...

Unfortunately, I've been away from the baseball card industry for the most part since the turn of the century. The one exception is that I was smart enough to buy a couple Pujols rookies back in '01.

That said, I have no idea what Razor Collectibles (aka Razor Entertainment) is, but they struck a deal with friend of the site Brett Wallace for three years. To add to my clueless-ness, I have no idea what they are planning, but I'd assume they have the exclusive rights to all Wallace's signature cards or game-worn materials, etc. It doesn't say on their site, so I'm not 100% sure, but it's probably something along those lines.

It doesn't look like Razor has put out many products, but here's some info on what they call the most expensive pack of all-time. It's on eBay for only $107. That's all? The best part is seeing a bunch of 30+ year old dudes looking really excited.

Ah, the days of collecting sports cards/ignoring women. How I miss thee.

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