Important Moments in Computer History

I bought this new laptop about two weeks ago with some of the funds that our sponsors are raining upon us (cricket, cricket). A few minutes ago, I hopped on insideSTL.com and saw in the "Today's Links" section, where they post random things from the internet, the headline "(NSFW) Keeley Hazell goes for the gold."

I am intrigued by anything Keeley Hazell-related, so I clicked the link to see some topless pics of her (though I'm pretty sure she doesn't own a shirt, but who's complaining?). This time, she's celebrating her post-Olympic spirit by being covered head to toe in gold. I'm not a fan of this method of body-painting, so in my opinion, the two pics are kind of creepy. Look at her face and hair. Gross.

But for good measure, I glanced at the handful of other topless pics; all of which can be seen here.

After nodding my head in approval, I realized this was the first porn of any kind to be viewed on the new laptop. What a special moment. And who better than Keeley to be #1?


The Good Face said...

You expect me to believe that you had a computer for two weeks before looking at porn? Either (a) this is total BS or (b) you don't deserve to post for B-Flex.

Anonymous said...

i'm reluctant to say that i've gone at least two weeks w/o porn.

and who are you with the quick hook, lou pinella? put me on probation first or something, don't revoke my B-Flex privileges so soon.