Give Her the Heater

Last weekend, while zooming past the ESPN channels on my television, I caught a split-second of women's softball, and decided to flip back and watch a minute (hey, it was a Sunday - not much else was on). Little did I know that there is a female version of Ricky Vaughn in the softball circuit.

I know for a fact that this photo will make Sir happy.

In his pants (sorry).

This young lady's name is Desiree Serrano (no relation to Pedro, but that's a great coincidence), and she plays for the NFP All-Stars. Granted, she's no Jennie Finch or Cat Osterman, but we can all appreciate a girl who pays tribute to the Wild Thing on the back of her jersey. At least I hope that's why she wears #99.

I wouldn't be much of a stalker journalist if i didn't provide more pictures and links, so be sure to check her out on the Washington Glory website! (whoever they are) Woo!

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