Welcome Brett Wallace & His Lower Body to St. Louis

-Brett Wallace signed before tonight's game, then spent a half inning with Danny Mac in the booth. You can see how thrilled he is to be talking to the Vianney Hall of Famer. Congrats Brett, and we can't wait to see your lower half in the Majors.

-In this week's insideSTL article, I give a big recap of our Kansas City takeover, plus mention the Pellegrino Curse. Last week it was the James Madison Gang, now a Pellegrino Curse reference? I'll try to come up with a more obscure inside joke next week.

-Over on Mizzourah, Big Head reveals the Bandwagoner's Guide to Mizzou Gear for any of you who haven't hopped on board. Yeah, you...waiting for Jimmy Clausen to shut up about his new haircut and start throwing TD's. My best suggestion: Steve & Barry's super closeout sale. They were on to us earlier. Hope all is well at S&B Corporate.

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