Cardinal Blogger Appreciation Month: Intro

Even though baseball is on pretty much every day, the summer months can be a little slow from time to time. It comes to a point where every game kind of blends in with each other, then after the trade deadline, you get your second wind and business starts to pick up a little bit.

So to pass the time (and kill time) we decided to start up Cardinal Blogger Appreciation Month, or as I like to call it: BAM! We'll interview some of the finest Cardinal bloggers throughout the land, and ask for their wisdom on all the hot-button issues facing the Redbirds this season and beyond. Plus we'll dip into plenty of dumb, sophomoric questions that you come to expect out of us. (Oh yeah, the picture doesn't really have anything to do with this...well, until we start up Cardinal Boobie Appreciation Month)

Our first guest will be athooks, a writer from cardinalsdiaspora.com and my Monday set-up man on insideSTL.com. He tends to put out some genuinely funny content every Monday, then I balance it out the next day by talking about RBI Baseball and bacon. At least I'm consistent.

Tune in tomorrow; maybe you'll learn something.

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sir said...

Isn't EVERY month at BertFlex "Boobie Appreciation Month"?