Techno Bowl (Linx/Stuff/Junk)

It must have been Techno Night at the ballpark last night - I'm still trying to get the Oonce! Oonce! Oonce! out of my ears. In the meantime, enjoy these fresh beats:

-This week's insideSTL column. It may look familiar.

-Saturday's special edition of HMW on iSTL. If you weren't paying attention this weekend, check it out. How did I get that much writing done? Let's just say I had some help from a little magic box.

-Big things are happenin' over at Mizzourah. They've got advertisements. They've got a new writer. They've got some jerk making fun of kansas douchebags. I bet Big Head's bangin' em two at a time now. Must be nice.

-The BertFlex spinoff, Seeing Eye Strikeout is up and running. The cupboard is a little bare now (four posts so far), but all quality material. Plus a ginormous picture of Rob Deer. So far, so good.

-The Mad Librarian has a couple new posts up at OMG, I'm So Awesome. She even shows off her popped collar. She's the fuckin' man, and everyone should know it.

-Also, new pictures are up in the photo gallery (my Springfield trip, the Urban Dictionary Bee, and some Guitar Hero/RBI Baseball action shots from a couple weeks ago).

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Anonymous said...

And now that Cox decided to rehook up my 'net after the storms, KC pictures will FINALLY be added in the next day or two.

Mad Librarian said...

Hah. Little magic box.