The Greatest Cardinal Living Legend

If there are two things I love (in addition to poetry and scotch), they are (1) questions that really have no right answer and (2) questions that really have no right answer but still inspire fierce, stupid debate on sportstalk radio. One such question occurred to me this morning while taking my monthly shower:

Who is the greatest St. Louis Cardinals living legend?

Some candidates immediately came to mind:

1. Stan Musial – He’s in the discussion any time you’re talking about “greatest living” anything. He loses points due to the harmonica playing – what Neil Young was to grunge, Stan Musial is to Blues Traveler.
2. Albert Pujols – You’ve read this site, right? You know that we have a total woodrow for the guy. Plus, he’s got baby Jesus on speed dial.
3. Ozzie Smith – Go crazy, folks! The only St. Louis Cardinal of the modern era to win 13 Gold Gloves and fall into the Springfield Mystery Spot. He gains 10 points for his ongoing feud with Tony LaRussa.
4. Fernando Tatis – Granted, he’s a dark horse. But two grand slams in one inning? Are you effing kidding me?
5. Larry Zbyszko – If Nando Tatties is a dark horse, Larry Nabisco is a black hole. But it seemed wrong to discuss living legends without at least dropping his name.


The Letter T said...

As president and only member of the Rick Horton fan club, we(I) are/am offended that the Rick Horton did not make your list.
"Forget about the curveball, Give em' the heater Ricky!"

Mad Librarian said...

Rick Horton Fan Club? Ricockulous.

And the greatest living legend is secret weapon Jose Oquendo, natch.

The Letter T said...

Oquendo? Seriously...
That's about as poor of a choice as the choice to listen to a Kent Bottenfield album...

Little known fact.. the letter t and Rick Horton are secretly tag team partners.

Hack said...

You are all WRONG!!!! Greatist Cardinal ever? Two words: Tito Landrum!

Anonymous said...

i forwarded this article to mr. bob gibson.

good face, i'd expect an ass-beating in a day or two.

The Good Face said...

Now, I had considered Gibby, but didn't think he qualified since he's technically not "living" -- rather, he's a relentless ass-kicking cyborg.