The Most Important Chalk Talk News You'll Ever Read

Here at BertFlex, we're all about high-class social events. A couple days ago we told you about the big chocolate chip cookie shindig at Mike Shannon's next Friday.

Today, let's talk about one of the greatest "worst" shows in local cable TV history - Chalk Talk. They will be celebrating their 300th show on Monday the 21st at 7pm. Even better, they are taping that week's show on location...at a bowling alley (Olivette Lanes). Be sure to stop by and say hello to the Malc-dogg, Randy Characters, the Twister, and Millhaven McGraw.

As a young lad, I remember seeing one of the earliest episodes of Chalk Talk and dreaming of one day being on the panel, ready to write down my thoughts on a mini chalkboard. Now that I have begun to gain more local attention through my internet superstardom, I'm sure the big wigs at Charter will be getting a hold of me any minute now...anyyyy minute...tick...tock...(haymang@yahoo.com).

Click here to get more information on one of my top 700 favorite shows - Chalk Talk!


The Good Face said...

Will the Quadruple-A hottie referee girl be there too?

Anonymous said...

Seat cushions as decorative props? +1.

Doesn't Malcolm Briggs still do construction? I thought he quit Channel 5 for that.