Stay Classy, BertFlex

In today's "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod" news, Will Ferrell says Anchorman 2 is a go.

My initial reaction was to pour champagne all over myself, and I did. Of course, my negativity set in and I realized this sequel will probably be the most over-hyped comedy ever, and will be hard to live up to the greatness of the first one. But still, if they get the full cast back together (or at least the four guys...and Wes Mantooth), how can you not be excited?

The downside of the article is that Ferrell says it will probably be at least a year until they have time to write the script.

No Will! Stop what you're doing and devote all your time to this project. Take a year to write it, whatever. Just make sure it doesn't suck. We need you Will, we miss your musk. We're a mess without you.

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The Good Face said...

Maybe don't wear a bra next time, HMW.