The New Editor of Deadspin? One Name is Missing from "The Hat"

After Will Leitch's big announcement last week that he's leaving Deadspin, AOL's blog Fanhouse, posted odds on who will be the new editor. I know your first thought is probably "AOL is still around? Do I have to have a CD where I can only be on there for 100 minutes per month?"

Second thought is "dood, who'z gonna take over!!1!??" AOL's leader in the clubhouse is Deadspin writer AJ Daulerio, with Bill Simmons and Ken Tremendous rounding out the list at the worst odds of these "name" candidates.

Hey AOL, where the hell is HMW (above)? Bringing in another Cardinal fan/high profile talent/internet superstar/genius like myself is the perfect seamless transition that Deadspin needs. It's obvious. It's science.

Despite their lack of research in that article, they did do a nice interview with Will late last week, seen here.

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Anonymous said...

Big Headednesss analysis;

-Simmons would be the #1 pick if he was interested. But, isn't he still writing for Kimmel? That's why he moved to LA.

-Orson Swindle/Spencer Hall (ooooooooooooo, aliases) is a great CFB writer. Mizzourah has been on EDSBS several times, and Spencer knows his shit. Now, he'd probably have to cut down on a few things (some cursing, weed), but he'd fit.

-My darkhorse candidate is very dark. Like "I'm fresh off the boat from Sudan" dark- one of the fine writers at Black Heart, Gold Pants (www.blackheartgoldpants.com). Hands down, the greatest CFB blog around. Too bad it's about Iowa.