BertFlex Staff Cheating on You

We don't mean to cheat on you baby, but we just can't be in an exclusive relationship right now.

If you can't handle that, we need to move on; I hope we can work this out, baby. Just give us a chance...clicking these links won't hurt. Don't you want what's best for us?

-Can't get enough of the MLB Draft? Can't get enough of me?? I understand. Here is this weeks' insideSTL column recapping my experience with The Good Face last Thursday. I even threw in a couple wrasslin' references for old times sake.

-And if the live-blog or insideSTL column wasn't enough, here's TGF's recap of the draft in his Sporting News column. Hopefully my boss at work (who I told I'd be back at 3:30 that day) doesn't read it.

-Mizzourah has joined the world of MySpace. I think it's kind of silly having a website promoting a website...oh wait we're doing that too. Check them out and become their friend by clicking here.

-Our own Annie Fresh is all grown up and has begun a blog of her own. What's it about? The life and times of a single gal in the Mile High City- working hard and playing harder! I am NOT great at keeping in touch, so I figure this might work out better...

Ann will still be a contributor here (we signed her sweet ass to a long term deal), but if you'd like to read her thoughts on life, the Brewers, and Dave Matthews, check it out. She even lists us as one of her inspirations! Really? These guys?

I'm sure she knows this, but we miss you Ann and hope to see you soon.

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