What race is everyone on BertFlex?

Um, Caucasian.

Well...there you go.

-OMG, we're on MySpace, and we're up to 11 friends (pending more), lol!!

-And like, FaceBook too.

-This week's ramblings from HMW is on insideSTL. A James Madison Gang reference was included, so you know it's good.

-Over on Mizzourah, Sleezy breaks down the NCAA football conferences and how they compare to different types of women. Good stuff, and at least read the article for the pictures.

-In his Sporting News column, The Good Face writes about...let's see, hold on a second...the Red Sox??!! NOOOO! East Coast bias! Go back to the East Coast, you East Coast jerk!! Didn't know we had Bill Simmons writing for us. Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble.

-In next week's first installment of Cardinal Blogger Appreciation Month (BAM!), we ask some hard-hitting questions to athooks of cardinalsdiaspora.com. For a slight preview of what he's all about, check out this article from Yahoo, reviewing Busch Stadium III. Despite comparing this version of Busch to a port-a-potty, I think he went kind of easy on the new place.

At least it's not the Metrodome.

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