All Tatted Up With Nowhere to Go

In anticipation of dealing a hellacious RBI Baseball beatdown to Hazelwood's Most Wanted, I went and got myself a tattoo. I think you'll agree it was money well spent. 


sir said...

This tat has nothing on my similar, yet better, F-L-E-X T-I-M-E tat. When is said RBI extravaganza going to occur? I want some.

This got me thinking, how awesome would it be if Alfonso Alfonseca got one of these types of tats? He'd have 2 extra fingers to work with.

Anonymous said...

I had some hashrake at Denny's the other night.

Anonymous said...

took a while to get the nintendo working, but once we did, i brought out the mash & rake, while TGF showcased suck &...uh, more suck all night.

bob boone hit TWO walk-off 3 run bombs to ten run the good face in games 1 and 2. very embarrassing (for him).

game 3 was also won by HMW (6-2 pitchers duel, tigers over the AL all stars).

game 4 was a rematch of game 3, and a home run was milliseconds away from landing when the faulty nintendo reset itself. that was the end of the night, we couldn't get it working. sweet lou whittaker was the one robbed of an offical home run. TGF was getting pounded all night, so it was probably for the better.

i did sneak in a few controller flips in tribute to Sir.

The Good Face said...

What HMW failed to mention is that I had been shot eight times in the chest earlier in the night, which limited my gaming abilities. I am feeling much better today. But he don't want to mess with the bull twice -- uh uh.

Mad Librarian said...

I can't decide what my favorite part of this is: TGF making excuses for his poor showing today, or the faint remainder of "HASHRAKE" on his knucks.

Anonymous said...

dreams do come true bobby. dave chappelle came to visit you...and whooped yo' ASS in some street hoops!!

OH!! Hooray for me! That's game, son!

sir said...

Don't feel so down TGF, Big Head and I will get your revenge for you this weekend. And a reminder, if anyone wants to play RBI online, get ahold of me and I'll walk you though the setup.

robdogg42000 said...

Next time the NES starts showing acting up, try this site. http://www.virtualnes.com/
Click Games Directory on the left and get yo hash rake on.