Drink Your Pork

It's a scientific fact (and by 'scientific', I mean Sir has said it) that bacon is better with anything...including booze. Not with booze, but now AS BOOZE! Getcha Bacon Vodka right here.

1 large sterile mason jar
5 - 6 strips of cooked bacon
1 bottle premium Vodka

Add bacon to the mason jar and fill with Vodka. Let the bacon steep in the vodka for a few days in a very cool place or the fridge. After the Vodka is infused with bacony goodness, remove the bacon, cover the jar with cheese cloth, secure it and strain the Vodka into another clean container.

Enjoy what I like to call "Tuesday" and get crunk on bacon.


Anonymous said...

now you're just making shit up

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...you still eat the bacon, right? don't let that go to waste.

Anonymous said...

This is what I've been dreaming of.

And hell yeah, you make sweet mouth love with that boozy bacon.

I'm sure there's been more than one Bertflex reader that's done the Watermelon + Everclear + Trash Can = waking up next Wednesday at a truck stop in Mount Olive.