The Brilliant Legal Theories of Kevin Slaten and Chet Pleban

Recently, Kevin Slaten gave the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a "peek" into fellow member of the Missouri Bar, Kevin “The King” Slaten's law suit against KFNS. More than likely, this is a tactic encouraged by Slaten's attorney, "Super Lawyer" Chet Pleban to further taint the St. Louis County jury pool with selected disinformation about the suit. Nonetheless, it's a good tactic, but only if your client isn't a douchebag.

Evidently, the case, which arose because KFNS fired Slaten after he put Dave Duncan on the air, without Duncan's consent, will turn on a novel legal theory, throw the producer under the bus. Yes, Slaten is blaming the whole thing on his producer's Attention Deficit Disorder. First, it was the Cardinals' fault for firing Slaten by pressuring KFNS, now it's ADD. I expect Pleban to add the makers of Ridilin as a defendant to the suit any day now. Way to go guys! Great way to sell your side of the story, embarrass your former producer by making his disability public. Gentlemen, what you have done, is to honor the profession of the practice of law.

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