Tigers Unleash the Fury; Nebraska Gets it All Over Themselves

(Originally posted on Mizzourah.net earlier tonight)

A few weeks ago I wrote about seeing the Tigers in action while playing a two day series in St. Louis. That night, after losing a 2-1 heart breaker, I complained about the lack of excitement due to the teams using wooden bats. Even high profile bloggers can go around hitting bombs with wood bats...well maybe not all of them.

To make up for that poor display of college baseball, BertFlex superstar 'The Good Face' and I took a little trip to Columbia, MO to catch game two of the Nebraska/Mizzou series. With a 22-9 beatdown, we were not disappointed in the least.

In all, there were 7 home runs and 6 HBP's. This is what I came to see.

The only complaints were that 1) Kyle Gibson did not start (he came in Friday night's game to throw six pitches in the 9th), and 2) we were forced to walk up the gigantic hill to Taylor Stadium. I thought that being a prestigious Mizzourah blogger, we would have had a guy in a suit holding a "HMW & Good Face" sign, so he could drive us up the hill in one of the golf carts. I see how it is around here. (Although I was going incognito today w/ sunglasses on, that's probably why...)

Seriously though, it was a fun time and we'll have to do it again next year. We were even part of history today, as we helped set a Mizzou single game attendance record - 3,126 in the stands.

To get a better understanding of how bad Nebraska got torched, check the box score. I sent a text to Big Head saying that I wanted to start the "O-VER-RA-TED!" chant in the second inning, but it seemed like a family crowd today, so I behaved myself.

With this win, the Tigers clinched the 4th seed in the Big 12 Conference Championship. The final game of the regular season is Sunday at 3:30, on FSN.

(See the photo gallery for pics, like Oh my God, it's Aaron Crow!! and what I call "Looper Face.")


Anonymous said...

Funny- Taylor's "capacity" is 2,200. Must have been assholes to elbows in there.

It sounded loud on the radio. No PBS today.

Anonymous said...

yeah, at first we had to sit down the right field line in some metal bleachers.

around the 3rd or 4th, because we're big shots, we upgraded to the reserved seats behind the dugout to get a better view of the game (and the bat girls).