Be A Better Fan of BertFlex

We've had a little more exposure as of late, so to any new readers (and those of you who have stuck with us over the years), here is our contact info and a few ways to be a bigger part of the BertFlex community:

-Email us any questions, comments, or concerns at haymang@yahoo.com. Another edition of the world renowned Who's Shitty Fantasy Report is in the works, so send your questions in! If you have no idea what that is, click the Who's Shitty tag to the right and find out.

-Comment on our articles. Even if you are not a contributor to the staff, let us know how much we suck at this blogging thing. Signing up is really easy, and we'd appreciate your praise, er "feedback."

-Buy your own bertflex.com jersey! To show you what they look like, here is Sir modeling the front, and the lovely Big Sandwich showing off the back. Even a Cubs fan knows what's up. Leave a comment below or email us and Sir will get in touch with you about ordering them. Sorry Likes To Fight Guy, you'll have to cut your own sleeves off.

-Subscribe to us. You can use any number of blog readers, like google reader (official choice of HMW), feed burner, or any other feed reader you so desire. This is especially helpful if work has blocked blogs from your internets. Besides us, be sure to subscribe to mizzourah.net (Big Head lost a lot of money at the track this weekend, so help him out). Signing up is also easy and it can gather tons of different sites that you read into one happy, magical place.

-Get a BertFlex-related tattoo. Just a suggestion...


Anonymous said...

Could allow "anonymous" comments.

I get a ton of 'anon' comments, and it's usually not someone telling me that I suck. Usually something worthwhile.

And yeah, I called Big Brown, kinda (because I put money on Behindthebar, who got scratched, Horsemen's Park put it on the favorite...YES! KARMA!!!), but other dumb bets cost me a good weekend.

sir said...

The reason we don't have Anon comments is that when we had them on, 90% of the ones we get are advertisements. They were junking up the comments, so I killed them.

Anonymous said...

Put the CAPTCHA or whatever it's called on so you have to type in the letter/number combo. I never get ads on Mizzourah, and I get a lot of anon comments.

Anonymous said...

If I ever wanted to see Ernest Hemingway in short shorts and a tight Bertflex jersey, I'd peep the TP jersey pic.

The Good Face said...

Where can I find BertFlex-approved ladies undergarments?