Slater! NOOO!

The unwritten checklist of celebrity-type things that I'm allowed to post by my fellow Flexers need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

__ No more than once a week

__ TV star/rapper/athlete of the 80's or 90's

__ Hot chick (nudity preferred)

__ Violence

My friends, this is the ultimate: I have found something that meets all 4 of the qualifications listed above. You see, our buddy Albert Clifford Slater (or Mario Lopez if you're living in this century) was having a little too much fun at the beach. He must have had a flashback of one of his old Valley High rivals, because he decided to unleash some fury on his girlfriend. The face plant alone is awesome, but evidently they tried this maneuver again and it ended up with her slipping out of her top, all up in Slater's face, if you're into that kind of thing...

Somewhere in the distance I can hear: "GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY! She's broken in half! Somebody stop the DAMN MATCH!!"

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