Sandlot Slam Pics Are Up

Check the photo gallery for 110 pictures of last Saturday's Sandlot Slam III, which was won by the MO-siders. Pic 77, is to the left. You'll notice me standing here...bat flip over there. Big Sandwich is still feeling the effects of giving up such a bomb.

Thanks to Katie for wasting her Saturday being our photographer. As a side note, SSIII was referenced in this week's insideSTL column. I'm really hurting for topics, I know; it'll get better next week...barely.

(Update 5/20: because of insideSTL's website switch, this article is no longer up. I'll repost the link if they fix it.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Props to Katie. Her photos were about the only thing that went well at SSIII.

Couldn't even break that fucking little league bat.

That bat flip and TP's "ninja batting stance" are classics. And I look like an Oompa Loompa in most of them.