Save Your Money, Kids: Coolio Edition

I was flipping through the ol' tv channels tonight and I caught a few minutes of Coolio on Chelsea Lately. I wasn't sure what he was promoting at first, seeing how they were talking about him wearing a hat to cover his receding hairline. But at the end, Coolio mentioned his big project going on right now.

New CD? No.

New movie? Nope.

New clothing line that only features Tyrone Wheatley jerseys? Gots to say the nay-no.

These were the obvious choices, so I'm sure your fourth guess would be 'internet cooking show.'

On mydamnchannel.com, Coolio has ten videos up (all a little over five minutes) showing you gangsterrs out there how to cook. I'm guessing that big comeback will take a little longer. Nothing says falling off more than a rapper who was awesome in 1996 + cooking show + catchphrase of "shakazulu."

Actually that's a recipe for greatness, forget what I said. Check out at least a minute or two of any of these videos. Entertaining stuff, like in video #1, Coolio says: Imma teach you how to make a salad that'll get them panties right off!

I've got the urge to hit up my kitchen and make some Coolio Salad and Soul Rolls. How many you want? 1, 2, 3, 4...


Anonymous said...

ps. it's taken me about a half hour to figure out who's jersey that is. Dick Schofield is the only notable 22 i can find. he was on the illustrious '86 team.

Anonymous said...

update: it's just a "coolio 22" jersey. WEAK!!

click here to see

i'm just glad it wasn't some kind of eckstein turn-back-the-clock.