The Post-Dispatch Celebrates April Fool's Day Too

Yesterday I noticed this little promotional display on the Post-Dispatch box right outside the door to our office building. Rather than bring my camera to work, I decided to borrow it (permanently) to admire its greatness. Having the title "Hazelwood's Most Wanted," my criminal actions aren't just saved for the fine city of Hazelwood, I expand my boundaries from time to time.

But I thought it would be appropriate to share this with all of you, as a tribute to my #1 pick in the Cardinal Off-Field Problem Pool.

I love the irony in the fact that they want you to "Catch" the Post-Dispatch, while showing a picture of Chris Duncan. We all know of Duncan's capabilities in the outfield, and "catching" is kind of far down the list.

Even better, they add insult to injury by throwing the word "coverage" in there as well. Maybe the phrase should have been "Crush the Post-Dispatch for the best Cardinals Tobacco Chew and Awkwardness."

Nah, it's perfect the way it is. Well done, Post-Dispatch...well done.

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