KFNS Hangs Up on Kevin Slaten

I know many (zero) of you worship and admire Kevin Slaten, and it has to be painful to hear this news:

Kevin Slaten was fired Friday by KFNS in the wake of a controversial interview last week with Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, and says the Cardinals are behind the move and that his former station is spineless.

This would have been posted sooner, but we were all in the mourning process (Wendy's run). Not that Kevin Slaten getting fired is a huge shock or anything; in the overly-sensitive world that we live in, if you've ever listened to his show you probably said to yourself, "this dude's getting fired someday."

Honestly I was kind of hoping he would go out for a better reason - maybe a racial slur or getting into a bar fight after a show (oh wait, that already happened). But this will have to do.

If you're not aware of the original story of Slaten's interview with Dave Duncan, here is the Post-Dispatch's article from last week.

Bertflex's own Sir could not be reached for comment tonight, he is assumed to be hanging out at the Bill Swerski's Superfans show in Chicago. A couple years ago, Sir was hung up on by Slaten over an argument on something about why left handed hitters can't hit left handed pitching, but right handed hitters don't have that problem with righties. Pretty intense, I know. Unfortunately, no one on the Bertflex staff heard that conversation that day, so we have left it up to our own impersonations to recreate how much "he's wrong!!"

Since Slaten has bounced around to many different radio jobs over the years, I'd imagine he'll only be out of work for a couple months, if that long. The funny thing is, is that this isn't even the best Kevin Slaten news of the week, seeing how this is possibly the greatest thing of all-time. That's right, it's a piece of toast that looks exactly like Kevin Slaten! Un-freakin'-believable! As of press time, you only have 6 more days to bid. What are you waiting for?

[As a side note to the first photo above of Kevin and that impressive mustache, I think you'll enjoy what event they were broadcasting in 1984:

Kevin Slaten and Stacie St. James as host and color announcers respectively for the SportsTime Cable Network production "Purnia Cat Classic All Women's Gymnastics Meet" from the Hearn's Center.

I have actually never seen this until now. I highly highly recommend that you click this link and play the video (click Kevin's photo...and get ready for some Survivor).]


Anonymous said...

You don't steal Kevin Slaten's purse and not get a bottle to the back of the dome!

The Good Face said...

Just to pile on: Kevin Fellatin' used to work out at my gym. "Work out" might be putting it a little strong; he was a total resistance machine bitch. Throw around some free weights, you f'ing coward!!11!1