Check Out Da Flex Time... Dat Is Flex Time!

As everyone in the world should now know, one of our contributors has decided to go Big-Time and work for the man. Shawon's first play-for-pay article is now up at T-Mac's InsideSTL.com site. Go here to check it out.

This great picture of Bert looking like he's gonna eff up somebody's day ran as an accompaniment to the article. Glad whoever took that picture had a fence between Bert and himself. Too bad Bert is not deterred by mere fences.

(Update 5/20: because of insideSTL's website switch, this article is no longer up. I'll repost the link if they fix it. ~HMdubs)

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Anonymous said...

thanks to the boss for letting me rant about john hadley. probably won't be the last time.

i agree w/ Sir - i love that picture of bert. we get to pick our own pictures out and i had no idea what to use. then i saw that one staring me down on google search and it was like an insta-call.

also, this should be put to use for future photoshopping purposes.