Thumbs Up For March 17-23

Man I am fired up for this week. I rarely ever look forward to a Monday, but this will be one of those good ones.

Over the past few years, March had rapidly become my favorite month. It's too hard to pick a favorite summer month, overall they are about the same. October is great for the World Series and football season. November has Thanksgiving, and December has Christmas. But the downside of those three months is that its freakin' cold outside. March has very few flaws. We did have a foot of snow a couple weeks ago in St. Louis, but it's all gone now and nice weather is around the corner. March even has a day where you don't look funny having green hair and it's recommended that you start drinking beer around 9 am.

But there are two main reasons why March is awesome: the NCAA tournament and fantasy baseball drafts. The Monday after Selection Sunday is the kickoff to a week of being worthless at work. Monday is all about studying the NCAA bracket for your pool, so you can be the smart guy at work who tells the ladies what teams have the cutest mascots. Thursday and Friday are the first two days of the tourney. It is recommended that you stay home and watch, but if you must be at work, it's okay to be useless by 11am. Your boss expects it by now.

Also, because spring training games are in full swing, it is time to start drafting your fantasy baseball teams. We personally have our Hardcore League draft on Saturday night (yes, Saturday night...somehow a whopping 2 out of 10 guys in the league are married).

This week will combine the first four days of the tournament and fantasy baseball. Toss in some booze, chips, chicken wings, ribs, more chips, lots of calories, fried stuff, and more meat. Sit around with your friends making smart ass comments, and you're set.

Nothing gets better than that. Don't let work bring you down this week - life is good (until your bracket gets blown up; just set it on fire and try again next year).

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