Now What Do We Talk About?

I am already going through some baseball withdrawal and the season ended less than a week ago. Luckily this year ended on a much happier note than the past 24, but I always hate to see the guys pack their bags and go home for the winter. Of course, the natural way to fill this void is football, which already began 8 weeks ago. If you don't like football, you could always spend time with your family, but let's be honest--football is the way to go. No matter how entertaining your family may be, no one compares to Sean Salisbury.

I have really missed Sean over the past month or so. I completely lost track of him during the baseball playoffs. So much coverage of the Yankees NOT playing, really distracted me from his insightful analysis and calm, soft-spoken opinions.

Even with the Cardinals winning those 11 games in the post-season, the best part was going out virtually every night of the playoffs and watching the game from one of the local establishments. This might not have been a "cost effective" way of watching baseball in October, but still a lot of fun.

Here is the list of places that the St. Louis contributors (aka fat bastards) of bertflex.com hit while the playoffs were on:

Busch Stadium
Jack In The Box
Buffalo Wild Wings
Red Lobster
Pujols 5
Maryland Yards
Papa John's
White Castle (for both NLCS and WS victory parties)

You might be asking: Wow, why put your heart through all that pain and suffering? My best answer to that, is that it's all for the good of the team. And that's not really a good answer. Oh, and my heart will be fine (see below). As for the pain and suffering, my stomach went through happiness and good times, so they cancel out, right?

Just to be on the safe side, I decided to listen to the advice of Tim McCarver for once. I went to the WebMD website. Now I know specifically--IN DETAIL--of where my heart is. It is inside my chest! Holy crap! Thanks Tim McCarver, I'm all cured!

Now let's watch some football, I'm bringing over the bacon cake.

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Big Head said...

WebMD always reminds me of The Simpson's episode where Monty Burns has to go to the Mayo Clinic to figure out what's wrong and he has every disease and sickness known to man. The doctor says he's out of harms way and to prove it, he picks up a toy door and trys to jam through a ton of cotton balls. All the while, Homer is having a monkey knife fight on Burns' yacht.