Let's Class This Joint Up A Bit

It was just reported a little while ago that head coaches Mike Nolan (49ers) and Jack Del Rio (Jaguars) will finally be allowed to wear suits on the sideline this weekend.

From the AP: "Nolan is expected to debut his old-school outfit - consisting of a black suit, a white shirt and a red-and-gold-striped tie - at the 49ers' home game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Del Rio also will wear a suit-and-tie ensemble in Monday night's home game against the New York Giants."

This is awesome, and I'm glad the nazis of the National Football League were able to work something out with Reebok on this. God forbid that one person in the stadium dress up in non-Reebok clothing.

Oh but wait, here's the catch: "(Nolan and Del Rio) have the NFL's permission to wear dress suits designed by Reebok during two games this season."

There is no photo yet of what the suit looks like, but there's a billion percent chance that a Reebok logo will be present somewhere. And no word if Nolan and Del Rio have to wear some Iverson's on the sideline to make up for their attire.

I'm glad to see the suits make a comeback, even if it's only for a couple games. It was Mike Nolan who wanted to wear a suit last year in tribute to the late Hank Stram, but was denied because...uhh, I still haven't heard a good reason for that one.

The only downside to all this is the hit on coaches sideline apparel that Reebok is bound to take. I mean, who doesn't own some hobo gear or a few bowler shirts?

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