That's the best word I could come up with to describe game four. Anthony Reyes certainly cannot be blamed for this loss, although I wasn't very excited about his performance. Yes, he only gave up 2 runs in 4 innings, but he threw a TON of pitches (86) and was all over the place (4 walks). One of the keys to this game was that--at the worst-- we needed the score to be close when Reyes came out. It was only 2-2 when that happened. But if he didn't miss so many spots and throw so many pitches in those four innings, it would have helped tremendously. And, as we found out, this bullpen isn't so perfect after all.

Plus the offense did not put away Oliver Perez early like they should have. Once again, the Cardinals fold up when a lefty takes the mound. They hit Perez pretty well, but did not string enough hits together at the right time. Ronnie Belliard getting thrown out at third in the second inning really hurt. Well, that is unless you ask Tim McCarver, who said something to the effect of, "the best baserunning plays are when you make outs."

And in true Cardinal bullpen fashion, I'm taking the rest of the night off. I've done my job the past week...why continue to do it tonight? See you tomorrow for a recap of game five (Glavine vs. Weaver) at Busch.

Hopefully the rains stops sometime before game time, but my sources say to be prepared for a delay. That just means more time for eating.

Menu: Some wings and cheesesticks. My heart is in real bad shape. I might not be around for much longer, boys and girls.

Turning Point of the Game: Any time a guy named "Carlos" grabbed a bat.

Joe Buck is Biased Towards the Cardinals Because: He said Albert Pujols is a good baseball player! And Stan Musial is a legend! What a bastard, come on Mets fans, let's kick his ass!!

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Anonymous said...

Highlight of the WIU Homecoming weekend for me? Drunk dialing my grandma to make sure the game started at 7:10ish on Saturday. Also dreaming that Jeff Suppan jacked one.

Wonder what the record is for rainouts in one postseason series?