This Guy Is Good

You heard about Adam Wainwright? He's good, let me get that out in the open right away.

I went into game five with a really bad feeling. I didn't think we'd get shut out by Tom Glavine again, but I thought Jeff Weaver was due for a short night. I know we didn't expect much out of him to begin with, but he has exceeded everyone's wildest expectations--by a lot. He made David Wright look really bad, and made better pitches to Delgado then anyone has done all series. He hung one to Beltran that was crushed, but got the out on a liner to right.

Once again, the bullpen showed up and delivered. They needed to bail out their teammates a couple times, and came up big in the clutch. Fox even tried to jinx Wainwright by showing the stat of death (Opponents are 0 for 30 vs. the bullpen with RISP), but he struck out Valentin to end the eighth.

Offensively, the Cardinals didn't hit well when they had their chances. As was the case in game one, the lineup was fooled by Glavine's junkball and swung at a lot of bad pitches. This needs to change for game six with John Maine on the mound.

For those out in Flexland, be sure to stop by the Hooters at Westport for game six. The official BertFlex party will be held there beginning at 6pm. If/When the Cardinals win, make sure you're there to witness some random nudity and make-out sessions by the waitress staff. No promises, but let's hope so.

Game Five Menu: Potato Skins and a Pujols Burger. Yes I am feeling beefy right now. And angry!

Buck Martinez Knows Something We Don't: "Adam Wainwright and Josh Kinney are the two best relievers on the Cardinals staff." Tony disagrees, but let's face it, Tony is always wrong.

Jose Oquendo Doesn't Know Something We Do: Shawn Green has NO arm! Send the runners home! It seems like we haven't challenged Green's arm at all this series.

Kids R Stuppid:

Random Thoughts From Me and Tony: Tyler Johnson gonna get some babies at Hrabosky's tonight?. Shaun Kennedy gonna get some bacon from Schnuck's tonight!...Randy Flores is growing the playoff dirt-lip..."Why is Chris Duncan batting right now?" BOOM (Home Run)! That's why Tony!...Damn there are two girls blowing up the bathroom, seemed like five trips each (not together)...Tony wants Chad Bradford on the Cardinals in '07...The name "Josh Lohnes" is dead, his new name is DUFFMAN...

What Should Have Happened: Willie Randolph having a Denny Green-like shouting match vs. the microphone, during his post-game press conference. Maybe tonight if we're lucky.

I'm So Pumped Up, Here Are MORE Pictures:


Dallas J. Hawk said...

I have been behind Jeff Weaver since he put on the Cardinal uniform. I had thought that he would be great when he was with the Tigers and did not understand why he had fallen off. But I am glad he has finally figured out how to pitch.

When the Cards only got one run in that fifth was I the only one thinking that not scoring more would come back to hurt us.

Tony I was thinking the same thing when Duncan was batting against a left hander but then again McCarver asked the same thing so I knew it was the right move.

I would love to have Chad Bradford in our pen next year.

If the Cardinals win this thing the MVP is Izzy for getting hurt and allowing Wainwright to take the closer like I said he should have in May.

Looking forward to tonight, the questions of great significance.

1. Will the good Carpenter show up so Hanncock and Thomas don't pitch?

2. Will Tony LaRussa draw names out of a hat for the starter in left field?

3. Will the guy in the Cards #2 hole not suck and take some f'ing pitches?

Anonymous said...

Does Tim McCarver have some sort of Pelligrino curse ability? The whole Chris Duncan homerun makes me believe that Tim McCarver should be writing "Who's Shitty"