Kenny Rogers, Jackass

Minutes before game time Sunday night, Brandon Inge went up to Kenny Rogers and said, "Kenny I offer you a truce...the stickiest of the icky."

Kenny, you are a cheating bastard. That's all I have to say to you. Let's hope Bud Selig steps in and delivers the standard 10 game suspension. I do realize that the Cardinals hit worse from innings 2-8 than they did in the first. But the fact is, he went out there with the intent of breaking the rules (rule 8.2 in the book if you want to look it up). Whether you go out there with pine tar (like Kenny did) or bean and cheese sauce (like Tony frequently does during softball), cheating is cheating.

Game two was very frustrating to watch. Once again we see the Cardinals struggle against left handed pitching. They hit Tom Glavine better the second time around during the NLCS, but hey guys: 1) it's October and 2) these aren't rookies you're going against, they are veterans who have both played during most of the televised baseball era. I'm assuming there is a lot of video tape, film, beta, phonograph records, and Egyptian hieroglyphic scouting reports on Kenny Rogers. What happened?

The good sign is that they roughed up the opposing teams' closer once again. The Cardinals finally woke up in the ninth, scoring their only run. I was calling for Chris Duncan during Preston Wilson's at-bat and surprised LaRussa didn't pull the trigger. I understand leaving Yadi in to hit because of his hot hitting, but looking back, I would have loved to see Duncan or Taguchi getting a chance in that situation.

I plan on posting something tomorrow to preview game three at Busch. As for Yadi Molina, can any of you ladies go over to his place and take care of this?

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Big Head said...

Not only does Kenny Rogers keep pine tar in his left hand, he also trains with Shawne Merriman. I think Kenny Rogers could be the new Chuck Norris running joke. Who knew Kenny's tears could cure cancer? Kenny, you are huge piece of shit, and I hope to God the Cardinals win the series in six just to destroy you.

Also, has anyone noticed that we just kill closers now? Where was this during the regular season? It has really been apparent in the last two postseasons (Lidge, Wagner, Jones)

Anyone else's groin hurt after watching Yadi take one to the kids?