Show Us Your Tats

In the last 10 years or so, athletes have decided to show us a piece of them that we really don't want to see; their tattoos. Started with Dennis Rodman and it seems like nearly every athlete has tattoos and I am here to honor the sickest.

Michigan quarterback Chad Henne may own the worst on the back of his right arm. I have never been able to make out exactly what it is, but it looks like some sort of panther or tiger. I do know it's TERRIBLE.

Jeremy Shockey may rip Tom Coughlin after losses, but he has no one else to blame for his awful tat of the US flag and bald eagle. Nothing like seeing a guy bitch and cry with our flag on his arm. No wonder the world hates us.

Any man that gets a tat above the shoulders deserves to be on this list. Iron Mike is hardcore, but my question is who is the shadowy figure on his left side?

Not only does Kevin Mench have a head that makes mine look like Beetlejuice, but he has some gross tats, including the Pam Anderson barbwire with a prisonish eagle head coming out.

When you can fit your baby momma's name on the inside of you bicep, I'll give you some dap like TJ Duckett.

Honorable Mention- Miami Dolphin's Matt Roth (flaming elbows), Randy Moss (Olde English R), Rasheed Wallace (Egyptian family portrait), any elbow spiderweb tats, Allen Iverson (any), any NBA player.

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