Minor League Ballin'

The one great thing about Omaha are the AAA Pacific Coast League's lovable losers, the Omaha Royals. This year's edition of the O-Royals offer up two ex-Cards; Kerry Robinson and Donovan Osbourne. Yes, your eyes are not decieving you. I did just say that Donovan Osbourne is playing professional baseball. The same guy that laid down on the mound in Game 7 of the 1996 NLCS. Donovan Osbourne. Starting lefty. Omaha Royals.

I have a baseball from the 100th Anniversary season of 1992 autographed in person by some Cardinals greats; Milt Thompson, Cris Carpenter, Gaylen Pitts, and Jimmy Donahue (bullpen catcher). But I was missing one player on this ball that I had longed for. I needed Donovan Osbourne to sign my ball. So my two week long dream was about to happen.

The pregame conversation went something like this...
Matt (drunken from Thirsty Thursday already)- Hey, Donovan!
D.O.- What's up?
Matt- Well, (fumbling thru pockets for ball and pen) see, I have this ball that I've had for 14 years, and well, I'd like you to sign it. It's a Cardinals 100th anniversary ball, and you were actually on the '92 team.
D.O.- Ummm.
Matt- Look, I've had the ball since I was 10. Make a little boy's dream come true at 24.

Ahhh, hit the sequence...dream complete. As you can see, Donovan signed the ball, and by the picture, you can see he sits in the 'pen and waits for every fifth day. I was waiting for Chris Connelly to come up behind me and do a 'Make A Wish' story on me.

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Anonymous said...

i'm seriously planning a 15 year reunion for the 1992 cardinals.

it will be a barbeque in my backyard next year. keep checking your mail for the invite.